Dishui Lake Shanghai


Public Art

In 2024 I was invited to pitch a public art sculpture concept for the new development at Dishui Lake in Shanghai. ‘INTERLACE’ is an abstract representation of two hands/ arms interlaced. This intertwining requires a level of trust, dependability, strength, softness, patience, care, harmony and mutuality. All important qualities to hold onto into these incredibly challenging environmental and geopolitical times.

Another significant inspiration for this work is the art of traditional Chinese knot tying. In the same way fingers gently interlace, a satin cord knot is weaved both delicately and securely. The various folds of these intricate creations symbolize the intention of this work.

The proposed sculpture is W 6500 X H 3100 X D 3600 mm and would be made from solid stone and carved out using 8-axis CNC milling machines. I hope to merge biophilic design with emerging technologies to create a large scale work that feels both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time. By merging traditional and contemporary sculptural practices into this project I really hope to make something that engages audiences to consider their environment in new and exciting ways.

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