3D Motion
Public Art

This slow moving site-specific motion piece was created purposely for the 8 x 12m screen at 80 Collins Street Naarm.

My intention for this work is to recognise the complex relationships shared between humans, nature and technology. As we continue to face familiar and unfamiliar challenges of a cyber-physical future, ORBIT intends to harmonise the tensions between the physical and virtual worlds.

I lost track of how many weeks it took to render this animation but as always a big thank you to @smooshworkstations who helped me get it done 💕 Another big thank you to @joelfenton and @jameswajura who captured the footage and helped me on this edit ✨ Music: the instrumental version of Tú Y Yo by @dinamarca117 + @eartheater was chosen for this clip because it’s what I was listening to endlessly on repeat while making the work

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